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Guido and Il sole Verde

I lived 35 years in the city and I worked 29 years for a bank but Inever stop loving the place where I spent my childhood and youth. So I finally decided to come back to live in the country to restructure the farm in decline, supported by my wife Angela(a teacher) and my 18 years old son Francesco. The new adventure starts on the 1st January 1998. We had already restored our house in the years before so we used all our enrgies and efforts to start the new activity. First of all I had to bring back in good conditions and in productions the wineyards and the fields;I was lucky to meet two special guys,Piero and Armando, who helped me and teached me for many years. Second I had to create a farmhouse and I had to find a nice name for that. During the farewell dinner with my colleagues someone suggested me “Sole Verde” and then I transformed it in “Il Sole Verde” suitable for both the farm and the farmhouse. The works were finished in 24 months also thanks to the active help of my wife Angela. The first guest Mr Roberto came in April 1999.We work at full capacity since the year 2000. Since that time we try to make continuos improvements, thanks to Angela's creativity and sensibility to guests needs and to my industriousness.At that time my son worked in the office and his girlfriend Agnese was in charge of keeping public relations in German language. Also Angela's parents were precious in helping us with the maintenance. I expecially keep a good memory of my father in law Antonio, always encouraging me and always optimistic. When the farmhouse was finished I tried to improve the agricoltural production by replanting new vineyards and buying 500 olive trees from my sister. I would like to spend some more words just to say what hospitality means for us ( including the newcomer Emma!): It means being always ready to welcome our guests trying to make them feel home, it means assist them for all their needs, it means enjoy with discretion their companionship drinking together a glass of good wine. We have had a lot of guests and now we can say to have a lot more friends to love. To finish this short story I would like to remember the importance of our two dogs, Orso and Lassie.They had been for many years discrete and faithful friends catching the attention of our international guests.Now there is our Ercole, “the guardian”. I've started this kind of adventure when I was 51 and I reccomend it to all who have a countryside, a passion and a family like mine one.